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Nicky Parr

Hello I'm Nicky Parr, founder of Better Handwritten Ltd.

I started my career in education in 1993 and from the early days, teaching handwriting was always a passion of mine. As a classroom teacher I saw clearly that pupils who felt proud of their handwriting had more confidence in learning and communicating. I wanted this for them all, and always prioritised short spells of daily practice which had a significant positive impact.

Jack's Handwriting Before and After

In 1999 my son was diagnosed with dyspraxia. Many things were difficult for him and I knew learning to write was going be a huge challenge. I set out to help him, determined that he would have access to the many benefits and advantages that writing by hand brings. It took commitment, thought and patience; I learned so much from the process, and with support from the fantastic occupational therapists assigned to us. After 20 months of carefully planned, achievable and fun activities Jack - still only 6 years old - had developed a beautiful, neat cursive style and - most importantly - he felt good about his writing and himself!

I've continued to help people feel good about their handwriting ever since and my understanding of how to support improvement has developed over the years. The life-changing results I saw from coaching many people on a 1:1 basis was incredibly rewarding, but there were never enough hours in the days. I felt compelled to bring my knowledge, experience and results to a wider audience and help more people.

About Better Handwritten

This led to the birth of Better Handwritten. Our goal is to support children, parents, teachers and adults with high quality digital training and resources which will help them feel better... letter by letter!


Our successful methodology is based on the following pillars:-

  • All courses are authored and developed personally by myself, using the knowledge and experience I've acquired through more than 25 years of classroom teaching, SEND support and 1-1 coaching

  • Our courses give clear, short, easy-to-digest steps, with guidance, practice sheets and demonstration videos. Its a very simple approach that - when followed consistently - is proven to work for children and adults alike.

  • We cover all the bases, providing training for primary and secondary school staff but also for adults or parents looking for personal 1-1 guidance and coaching.

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February 19, 2021