A Postcard for You

I love receiving them.

I love sending them. I wrote several this afternoon, sitting in the September sun at the Cask Smugglers in Edinburgh. I wrote one for you…


Not my best handwriting, not my best content but I know you won't mind. Really I just wanted to let you know I took a few minutes to think of you and to touch base.


Of course when a postcard actually lands on your doormat you can display it (I love the collection on my fridge) and every time you catch sight of it your mind will process - consciously or unconsciously - that you matter to the sender.

Sending postcards is a quick and easy way to let people know they are important to you. In this strange new world where Coronavirus has sadly brought an unnatural halt to human touch - all the ways that allow us to transfer so much positive energy... a hug... a handshake... a pat on the shoulder... a kiss on the cheek - we can and must still find ways to connect personally. So if you haven't sent a postcard in a while, why not give it a go?

Just think for a moment...

How would you feel if you received a postcard unexpectedly?

Who are you going to send one to?

How will you feel as you walk to the pillar box and post your postcard, hearing it drop inside, knowing you're going to make that person smile?

Aside from sending for your own reasons, it's a great thing to model for children and to do with them. There's not much space on a postcard so no need to worry about having to writing too much or it taking too long. Make a mistake (like I did at the end of 'with' when I was distracted)... never mind, the receiver will just be delighted you took the time and made the effort. So here are a few postcard suggestions from me:

Buy Plenty

When you're on a trip, buy a few more than you want to send. Use a couple as bookmarks in cookbooks or your latest read so that when you come across them you get an instant flashback to your happy memories. If you are away with family or friends, buy enough to send them one some time after to reignite those shared memories, whether it's a couple of weeks or even 5 years later! I recently came a cross some 'spares' I bought at an exhibition I went to with two good friends in 2015. I'm going to send one to each this week :)


Buy a range

You don't just have to be limited to place postcards. How about sending...

Motivational postcard

Motivational Postcards

Funny postcard

Humorous Postcards

Lowry Postcard

Favourite Artist Postcards

There are so many types so enjoy browsing in shops or online to choose.

Keep a stash of stamps

Make it easy to post your cards by having stamps to hand.

Send... just because

You don't have to be on holiday to send postcards. Whether you're on holiday, on a day trip or just sitting at home, it's all about having the receiver in mind and reminding them they matter to you.

Now let me end by sharing a few lovely photos of Edinburgh. Maybe I'll get them made into postcards! And maybe some time you'll visit and send some postcards from Scotland yourself :)

Firth of Forth from Arthur's Seat

View of the Firth of Forth walking up to Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh Castle

View of Edinburgh Castle and the city from Calton Hill

Arthur's Seat

Looking across to Arthur's Seat (the peak on the left)

Do you have postcards you've kept? Where from? Who from? I'd love to hear! You can find me and let me know on Twitter: @nicky_parr