Introducing the Home & School Handwriting Programme!

Thanks for taking the time to read about the programme, created to provide positive, practical support for parents, carers and teachers… to help children feel good about their handwriting. It's also suitable for adults who'd like to make changes... it's never too late you know! 🙂 

The current modules support the development and clarity of 

  • lowercase letters (print)

  • capital letters

  • cursive writing (joining)

It's a resource that will keep giving, growing and expanding; there are limitless combinations of letter joins and words (although you should always start with individual letters and then move to pairs of letters). You can send in requests for additions too!

The programme can be used:

  • by children at home, with parental support (individual subscription)

  • by adults at home (individual subscription)

  • in school with classes, groups or individual pupils (school subscription)

  • at home, directed by school - providing a simple, consistent, manageable routine that reduces stress for all and supports lasting improvement (school subscription)

School subscriptions include access for pupils at home.

Handwritten worksheets and demonstration videos model formations, help raise awareness, focus attention and facilitate positive habit change through a simple, structured approach.

I'm so happy to share my methods so more people can feel good about their handwriting. Because if they feel good about it they will use it, and it’s quite simply one of the most personal and effective ways we have for connecting with ourselves and others… and writing by hand can powerfully support well-being and self-expression.

At the end of 2020 John Lewis, as a result of Lockdown, reported a 227% increase in sales of notecards and writing sets as people began to rediscover the pleasure of letter writing. If you haven’t written to anyone in a while, give it a go … notice and enjoy the good feelings you both deliver and receive 🙂 Children will enjoy this too!

Let’s remember writing by hand is also still the main method for communicating understanding in schoolwork, assessments and exams. If children don't write by hand regularly they lose writing stamina and confidence. Instead, with this programme, they can build up their handwriting fitness and feeling great!

There is no bad side to feeling good about handwriting. Not feeling good about it however, often results in resistance to writing and can lead to real and significant anxiety… for some a sense of negative judgement that never quite goes away.

Here are a handful of lovely comments which give a glimpse of the difference feeling good about handwriting can make (to the writers AND the adults supporting them):



Progress after 10 weeks

I feel so happy about my writing, It looks much better. I feel happier about doing writing at school.” 

Jaxon (Hong Kong)

If only we had known how fun handwriting could be and how little adjustments can make such a difference!!!! It has made such a huge difference to Jaxon’s writing enjoyment and his writing confidence. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!”

Abbie (Hong Kong)