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Personal Coaching for YOU

Send Nicky samples of your handwriting and relevant background information then benefit from an hour video call to talk though where to start and how to get the best from the programme.

One session might be all you need but you're welcome to book another any time!

Price: £60 (1 hour session)


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The Home and School Handwriting Programme is designed to support you :

  • guidance for use

  • demonstration videos

  • you'll mainly use the 'small' printable practice sheets

  • 'handwriting lines' and 'regular lines' practice sheets support your progress and transfer to the lined paper you generally use

  • a complete set of blank sheets so you can create your own practices (eg you might like to write out song lyrics or motivational quotes)

  • it's a flexible resource that will continue to grow in response to your feedback and requests.

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Price: only £34.99 for an individual annual subscription!

1:1 Packages

(waiting list and limited availability)

For a personalised kick-start to making improvements, work with Nicky 1:1 online via Zoom video conferencing 

Here's how it works:

  • you send Nicky samples of your writing and relevant background information

  • the week before your package starts you have a video call to meet Nicky, clarify what to expect and ask any questions

  • you get 2 weeks of 'Nicky Mail' (Monday-Thursday) with personal 'feedback & explanation' videos, feedback photos, demonstration videos, practice sheets and examples

  • you can opt to continue in two-week cycles until you feel confident following the approach yourself. Some clients just need those two weeks, others continue for several months.

  Package Price: £249.99

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any more information.

We're here to help you! :)

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