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  • Bespoke online courses tailored to your needs

  • Live Q & A with Nicky joining your staff online

  • Personal coaching for individual staff members

  • Subscription to THE HOME AND SCHOOL HANDWRITING PROGRAMME gives staff a clear, consistent, flexible approach and saves them precious time

We're sure you'll agree, your staff deserve to understand how to teach handwriting effectively.

When they enjoy the process and feel empowered to support their students the results will speak for themselves!

'The training we received from Nicky at Better Handwritten was superb. She listened to our needs and then tailored the training so that it was bespoke for our school. The content was easy to access and delivered in an engaging and insightful manner. Staff were hugely complimentary about the training and the fact they could immediately implement actions to support children with their handwriting development. Excellent value for money!’

H Ede - Newham Bridge Primary School

Bespoke Whole Staff Online Training Course

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How it works:

  • Video call with Nicky to discuss your school's needs

  • Survey to staff so they can share their thoughts, experiences and questions

  • Staff submit examples of pupil writing to be used in the training

  • Nicky creates an online private course for your school which will include

- key subject knowledge

- responses to staff questions including examples from your own pupils' writing

- advice on where to start for 3 pupils per year group (as a model)

- advice on how to set group targets within a class

- a model for tracking progress

- your handwriting policy

- a certificate of completion for each member of staff

- new staff who join your team can easily be enrolled as part of their induction

- progress reports available on request

  • Staff can work through the training when it's convenient for them, ahead of whole school or team conversations

Price: contact us for a personalised quote

A few comments from teachers:

"Great training, well presented with real life experiences and we loved the fact real examples from our own children were used to discuss next steps."

"It was so informative with excellent visual resources."

"I loved it so much! Love the simplicity of the concept."

"It helped me focus on individual needs of children in my class and reminded me how important letter formation is before using cursive script."

Handwriting Q & A Sessions

Nicky will join your live on-line staff meeting to answer handwriting questions

Price: £60 (1 hour session)

Personal Coaching for Individual Staff Members

Price: £60 (1 hour session)

Support with personal handwriting development and boosting confidence for teaching

"I felt daunted being asked to change my handwriting to match the script in our school policy. I didn't know how to. Nicky is so knowledgeable and encouraging. I found her support invaluable and love teaching handwriting now!" KS2 Teacher


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Your Staff

You know how busy they are. One of the best ways you can support them is investing in effective resources that save them precious time and provide a clear yet flexible approach where they still have ownership.

The Home and School Handwriting Programme provides:

  • guidance for use

  • demonstration videos

  • printable practice sheets with large, medium and small line sizes (as appropriate) to support progress as control develops

  • printable 'handwriting' and 'regular' practice sheets to ensure support and transfer to standard books

  • a complete set of blank sheets so staff can create their own practices

  • a flexible resource that will continue to grow in response to your feedback and requests. If there's anything you wish was there or if, for example, you have an alternative formation to a letter you'd prefer, simply get in touch and we'll look to add what you need!

Your Students

... will benefit from a simple, structured approach that supports them with a transferable model for personal change and development.

You may decide to use the programme with:

  • all students

  • particular year groups

  • identified students within each year group


So often parents want to help but don't know how. There's no doubt we achieve the best outcomes for students when we work together and are on the same page.

When you buy a school subscription your enrolled students will be able to access the programme at home. The guidance, bite-sized demonstration videos and simple worksheets make it easy to establish a positive, manageable consistent routine.

"I do really like your short sequences and instructions. They make it easy for me to remember how to guide my son." Parent

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Pricing - School Subscription

To discuss your school needs further please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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